Vladimir Ryzhkov

Vladimir Ryzhkov

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Vladimir Ryzhkov


Professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow; independent politician; and former member of the Russian State Duma

Vladimir Ryzhkov represented the city of Barnaul in the Siberian Altai Region in the Russian State Duma (Parliament) from 1993 to 2007. After being elected in 1993, he headed a group of deputies from "Russia’s Choice," which was the main reformist party under Russian President Boris Yeltsin. In 1997, Ryzhkov was elected the First Deputy (First Vice Speaker) of the State Duma, becoming the youngest Vice Speaker in its history. In the general election of 1999, he was elected as an independent deputy.

After Vladimir Putin's election in 2000, Ryzhkov soon became one of the leading opposition figures in the country, and by 2003, he was one of the last liberal voices to remain in parliament. In 2005, he became a leader of the Republican Party of Russia, a part of “The Other Russia” opposition coalition, which in 2007 was refused registration for the parliamentary elections by the Supreme Court. Due to legislation requiring that all candidates be nominated by political parties, Ryzhkov was not permitted to run as an independent. 

Ryzhkov is currently a professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, a political analyst for "Novaya Gazeta" and “The Moscow Times,” host of a political talk show on “Echo Moscow” radio, co-coordinator of the international public committee "Russia in the United Europe," and chairman of the public organization "Russia’s Choice." He is also the author of the books The Fourth Republic and Granted Democracy.