Publications on Civic Education

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Publications on Civic Education


"Be An Active Citizen," by IFES

"Can Democracy Be Taught? Adult Civic Education, Civil Society and the Development of Democratic Political Culture," by Steven E. Finkel

"Citizenship and Education in Twenty-Eight Countries: Civic Knowledge and Engagement at Age Fourteen" by Judith Torney-Purta, Rainer Lehmann, Hans Oswald, and Wolfram Schulz

"Civic Education for a Democratic Citizenry"

"Civic Update," National Democratic Institute's (NDI) Newsletter
"Civic Education for Constitutional Democracy: An International Perspective," ERIC Digest

"Developing Curriculum for Democracy through International Partnerships" by Gregory E. Hamot

"Project Citizen," Center for Civic Education

"Education for Democratic Citizenship", Center for Civic Education

"Global Trends in Civic Education"

"A Guide to the Index of Civic and Political Engagement"

"Teaching Democracy" (University of Pennsylvania)

The Civic Education Project (CEP) (Northwestern University)


Democracy Education in Difficult Cultural and Political Environments:

Education for Democracy/International Program, American Federation of Teachers

Guiding Polish Students Along Democracy's Road

HREA Citizenship Education in Latin America

Challenges to Civic Education Remain in Central Asia
IFES Voter and Civic Education Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Political Education and Electoral Rights (PEER) - Middle East

"The Role of Education in Promoting Cuba's Integration into International Society"

Youth Action Campaign in Moldova and Ukraine



Asia Pacific Journal of Education (2000)

Cambridge Journal of Education (2003)

European Journal of Education (2002)

International Journal of Social Education