Online Publications

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Online Publications


Women in Parliament: Beyond Numbers
International IDEA

Women's Political Participation and Good Governance: 21st Century Challenges
United Nations Development Programme

Promoting Gender Equality Worldwide (2001)
The British Council

Promoting Gender Equity in the Democratic Process: Women's Paths to Political Participation and Decisionmaking by Patricia Ahern, Paul Nuti, Julia M. Masterson (2000)
Center for Development and Population Activities

The Quota System: Women's Boon or Bane? (2000)
Center for Legislative Development

Unfinished Democracy(2000)
The Courier (UNESCO)

Is Democracy Good for Women? The Impact of Democratic Transitions on the Representation of Women in the National Parliaments of Southern Africa by Ineke van Kessel (1999)
Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa; Institute of Social Studies, The Hague


Women's Political Participation in SADC by Colleen Lowe Morna
International IDEA

The Second Sex Comes to the Fore by Rodney Mac-Johnson (2002)
World Press News

New Trends in Women's Political Participation by Aili Tripp (2001)
Workshop on Democracy in Africa in Comparative Perspective

South Africa: A Strategic Ascent by Shireen Hassim (2000)
UNESCO Courier


Moving into Power: Changing the Rules of the Game

Does Women's Representation in Elected Office Lead to Women-Friendly Policy? (US) by Amy Caiazza (2002)
Institute for Women's Policy Research

Women Energizing Mexico's Election Season by Laurence Pantin (2002)
Women's E News

A Dialogue of Women Political Leaders (2001)
Inter-American Dialogue

Women and Power in the Americas (2001)
Inter-American Dialogue


Strengthening Democracy Through Women's Political Participation
Asia Foundation

Women in Bangladesh (2001)
Asia Development Bank

India's Nurseries of Politics by Mrinal Pande (2000)
UNESCO Courier

South Korea's Campaign School by Glenn Manarin (2000)
UNESCO Courier

Women in Pakistan (2000)
Asia Development Bank

Korea after Beijing: Achievements and Challenges by Yanghee Kim (1999)
Asian Women's Resource Exchange

Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action by Swarna Jayaweera (1999)
Asian Women's Resource Exchange

Women in Nepal (1999)
Asia Development Bank

Women in Sri Lanka (1999)
Asia Development Bank

Central Eastern Europe / New Independent States

Women in the Republic of Uzbekistan (2001)
Asia Development Bankttp://

Women's Political Participation in the Republic of Macedonia: Opportunities to Support Women in Upcoming Elections-and Beyond by Marcia Greenberg, Kara McDonald (2000)
Women in Development Technical Assistance

Paths for Russian Women into Politics by Irina Yukina (2000)
Initiative for Social Action and Renewal in Eurasia

Women in Tajikistan (2000)
Asia Development Bank

Middle East / North Africa

Enhancing Women's Political Participation in Morocco (2001)

Second Class: The Legal Status of Iranian Women by Mehrangiz Kar (2000)
The Iranian

Emancipation under the Veils by Siavosh Ghazi (June 2000)
UNESCO Courier

Strengthening the Role of Women Parliamentarians in the Arab Region: Challenges and Options by Azza M. Karam (1999)
Programme on Governance in the Arab Region

The Women's Movement in Iran: Women at the Crossroads of Secularization and Islamization by Homa Hoodfar (1999)
The Women's Movement in Iran
International Solidarity Network